Welcome! Why are we here?

Welcome! My name is Natalie and my husband is Austin. We also have the cutest dog in the world named May who is basically my inspiration for living. Oh… well, that and music, right?

Miss May
Miss May begging for scraps, as usual

Austin and I were both Texas All-State Choir members when we were teens. Now, we are full-time professional singers and voice teachers and a huge part of what we do is prepare students to audition for the Texas All-State Choir.

We love teaching All State because there is an infinite amount of information to learn from each piece of music: whether it’s notes and rhythm, style, language, or vocal production. And none of it is theoretical, all of it applies to music that we can hear and see and even perform one day if we are so lucky.

THOUSANDS of students enter the All-State Choir audition process every year…. and only 28 students in each section make the top choir! That means that 1-4% of the students who begin the process make it, depending on what section they audition in.

It’s a pretty worthy goal, right? Not just because it looks really good on the resume, but because it take Herculean effort…almost like gaining a belt in Martial Arts or an Eagle Scout award. (Okay, truth be told, argument could be made that those things are harder….but no less rare of an achievement!)

In the 2016-2017 school year our private studio (students who take voice lessons from us) had over 40 All-Region choir members and 7 All-Staters. We felt like that was quite an achievement, if we do say so ourselves, and wanted to start writing down some of our random thoughts about how to prepare your best All-Region or All-State audition…and hopefully make the choir!

So that’s what this here blog is about….some random thoughts, some encouragement, and lots and lots of ideas about how to have your best audition. Enjoy!




  1. I just wanted to thank you guys for doing this! I’ve been hearing the same advice about All-State auditions for the last 3 years from my voice coach/directors, and it’s great to finally have some outside tips to help me out in my final attempt at making the choir.

    • Kate, you are so welcome! Let us know if we can help in any way or if you have a particular topic you’d like us to write about. And good luck!

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