Gloria Rhythm: Explained!

We have gotten a ton of questions about Gloria (Skold) and in particular, the rhythm on page 10. Here are some quick videos which should help you to line up the rhythm with the practice tracks.

TMEA says the following: ” Regions have the option to not audition or perform this section(m. 52-61), since it is not an Area audition piece. ” However, if your region will be auditioning this section of the song, this should be a good resource for you.

Keep in mind: These videos help you to line up your singing with the TMEA – provided practice track. It may not be what the composer intended or what a conductor will do in a performance. So please stay flexible and open to changes once you are past the audition and prepare to perform this piece!

Soprano I

We will go through and draw some bar lines in order to help the rhythm make sense, as well as point out some beats that are added or dropped by the piano track.

Soprano II

Alto I

Alto II

*I chanted one rhythm wrong! Make sure you sing 16th notes, not 32nd!*

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