All State Info

We will compile information about All State Choir 2021 on this page. Please submit edits or additions via our contact page.

Repertoire and errata can be found here.

Practice Tracks

Here are some practice tracks for the Brahms and Mozart. Note that these are unofficial and you should discontinue using these tracks once you’ve procured the TMEA tracks. Playlist here. For Les Papillons, composer Mari Valverde sent a diction track, which is also on this playlist.

There are several playlists of the music on many platforms, however, not every piece is available on every platform. Below we have linked the performances of certain pieces which were recommended by the composer or conductor themselves.

Order your sheet music packet

Students who typically receive sheet music at summer camps may need to order their own packets this year. Please contact your virtual camp organizers or choir director if you believe that you may have already have a packet on the way.

Or order your own here: Penders Music or JW Pepper

Public Domain Music

Many of the songs are Public Domain. While editions differ, often there are very few changes between public domain music and official copies. Some music may be available in a different arrangement (ie: SATB instead of TTBB) than will be auditioned. You can use this music to begin working before your packet arrives, but please make sure you switch to the officially sanctioned copies as soon as you receive them!