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All State Summer Camps

Summer 2018
​TMEA All-State Choir Preparation Camps and Workshops

There are two essential steps you need to make while preparing for the audition process.

  1. Sign up for and attend voice lessons. We recommend taking voice lessons year-round, including summer.
  2. Sign up for and attend a Summer All-State Camp or Workshop. For maximum benefit, we recommend attending a multi-day camp given at a University with faculty both from the University and from other high schools.

At a high-quality, University-Sponsored All-State Camp you can expect to receive instruction on the following:

  • Notes, Rhythms, and language for all music in both sectional and choral settings
    Presentation or class on sight-reading and the audition process
  • Socializing and fellowship with peers from diverse backgrounds and schools
  • A final performance of a selection of pieces

If a student has budgetary or time restrictions, a one-day Workshop is also a good option. Workshops can also be useful for students who have attended, or plan to attend a camp, whether as an introduction to the music or as a brush-up.

*Note that not all camps will teach Small-School track music
*Many camps will offer a discount or scholarship to students who have already performed with an All-State Choir.

One-Day Workshops, Summer 2018

May 24

  • Vandegrift High School Choir “Region Boot Camp”

August 25

  • Vista Ridge High School (Leander)

September 29

Multi-Day Camps, Summer 2018

June 6-9

June 11-14

June 17 – 21

June 20-23

June 21-25

June 24-27

June 24-28

June 27-30

July 4-7

July 9-12

July 10-13

July 10-14

July 11-14

July 15-18

July 16-19

July 18-21

July 30-August 2

July 30 – August 3

August 1-4

August 2-4

August 3-4

August 6-9

August 9-11

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