College Audition Consulting Services

In this highly competitive world, nobody can take their pursuit of college admittance lightly, especially for those hoping for a career in music.

We have had such success in getting our private voice students admitted to Universities to study Musical Theater, Vocal Performance, and Music Education, that we decided to open our consulting business to serve students across the nation.

College Audition Consulting is a service open to all students who want to pursue a music degree, even those who are not our private students. This consulting is not intended to replace regular private study and your private teacher is an important partner in your college audition and selection process. However, you only have one chance at your college auditions, so in order to do your best, get admitted, and receive scholarships, you need someone who is well-versed in the current requirements of today’s college auditions.

Why can’t my voice teacher or choir director advise me? 

Most teachers have experience with the school they attended and little else. Also, many teachers are out of touch with current trends, faculty, or requirements of applying. They are also busy people who have lots of other things to teach you, but not the time to dedicate to this big life change.

What about someone who advises on Musical Theater auditions?

This is a big red flag! Everything from the application process, to audition protocol, to the shoes you wear are different between Musical Theater and Music auditions! Do not let someone tell you that they are experts in both. We have had many students go to college for Musical Theater, and we still wouldn’t call ourselves experts!

We are constantly talking to college professors and current University students, as well as visiting college campuses so we can be well-versed and up to date on everything having to do with pursuing a degree in music.

We’ve got the answers…

  • What can make me attractive as an applicant?
  • When and how should I start preparing for auditions?
  • What classes should I take my senior year? 
  • What should I wear to my audition? 
  • ​Where should I apply?​
  • What does a career in music look like?
  • ​What is the difference between a conservatory and a liberal arts education?
  • How should I choose a school once I get in? 
  • What scholarships are available?
  • How can I combine music with other interests? 
  • How do I choose a private teacher? 
  • What degree should I pursue: B.A., B. F. A. or B.M.?
  • How much should I budget for audition travel and application costs?


The first step in our relationship is a consultation. This 45-minute meeting will help you to get to know us better and also to find out if we offer the kind of help you need. From there, we will establish which package is right for you and provide pricing information.

Contact us and we will reach out to schedule a consultation. We can meet in person if you’re local to Central Texas, or chat via Skype or Google Hangout.

In 2018 alone our graduating seniors were admitted to the following schools: